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Tremont Barrel Fill Superfund Site

The Tremont Barrel Fill Superfund Site is an area 3 miles north of the Springfield Well Fields, where 51,500 barrels of chemical waste were buried over the Mad River Aquifer- they are now starting to leak. Learn more »

Mosquito Control in Yellow Springs

In an attempt to control mosquitos in a section of the village that tested positive for West Nile Virus last summer, the GCCHD sprayed the area with an indiscriminant pesticide called Anvil 2 + 2. This pestiside kills beneficial insects and is also a known neurotoxin and has been linked to cancer as well as respiratory and dermatological problems.

Let's eliminate the problem and keep toxic pesticide spraying out of Yellow Springs:

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Ban Injection Wells in Ohio

Class II injection wells in Ohio receive liquid oil and gas industry waste from Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and other states. They are not designed to receive hazardous waste and create serious risks to human health and the environment. Class II well s provide no known benefit to communities and do not foster job growth. They should be banned.

Write to your legislators!
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CFLs contain mercury; It is hazardous to discard in the trash. Please bring your used bulbs to the GEC office in the Union School House, YS, for recycling.
How should I clean up a florescent bulb?

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