The Green Environmental Coalition (GEC) is a Midwestern, non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the public participation that will preserve, protect and restore our environment.
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The Coalition's Strategic Plan

Public Participation:
The Greene Environmental Coalition will promote public participation in government and industry as the primary building block for enhanced environmental protection. The public must have a pro-active opportunity to become involved in decisions that permit pollution to enter our air, water, and our homes.

In 1998 the Coalition will focus on a legislative effort to bring consistency to the adminsitrative law making process in Ohio, ensuring that every Ohioan has access to new rules as they are developed and ensuring that every Ohioan has the opportunity to be heard.

The Coalition is also actively promoting an Environmental Management System (EMS) based on the international standard, ISO 14000, as a means of bringing environmental accountability to industry.
The Internet Connection:
The Coalition will continue to develop and promote GreenLink (, an interactive on-line service focused on the three stakeholders in the environmental debate: the public, government, and industry.
Support for Other Environmental Groups:
The Coalition will provide technical and research support for grassroots organizations throughout the state.

Last updated Sept. 9, 1997

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