Press Release - Jan 22, 2001
Press Statement - Bruce Cornett - Jan 22, 2001
Press Statement - Lisa Beames - Jan 22, 2001
Press Statement - Jack Shaner - Jan 22, 2001

Findings - Note the full report is titled VAP_findings.pdf.   The report without the appendix is a Microsoft Word document titled VAP_findings.doc.   There is also a version in HTML.

Database - Note this is a Microsoft Access Database with several tables. The primary table is titled VAPMaster. The field titled Summary Impressions reflects the opinion of the Green Environmental Coalition, not the opinion of Ohio EPA or its employees. This database consists of data extracted from Ohio EPA electronic records via a public records request and data gathered during our review.   

Miscellaneous items.  

Samples from the Certified Professional Files    

Sample Audits  

Files from the Urban Settings Designations file  

The folders below contain the raw documents from the file review. To the extent possible we have given the files a relevant name. The number of the folder and the base name of the file match the internal database number so that you can cross-reference. To the extent possible, we believe we managed to keep the files in order. There are thousands of pages.

1000  Kessler Products
1001  Fairview Fuel
1002  Southern Ohio Port Authority
1003  Williams Property
1005  Northcliff Shopping Center
1006  Goldberg-East
1008  Adamsmark
1009.1  Kilgore Farms, Former
1009.2  Kilgore Farms, Former
1009.3  Kilgore Farms, Former
1012  Wellsville Brickyard
1016  Mercury Marine  Plant 66
1018  Highland Ridge Plaza
1019  Proposed Toledo Prison Site
1021  Federal-Mogul Corp.
1025  Certified Alloys Company
1027  ODRC Substance Abuse Boot Camp
1028  White-New Idea Farm Equip. Co.
1029  Universal Cooperatives, Inc, Lube Plant
1032  Mosler Inc., Plant No. 1
1040  Swan Dry Cleaners, Former
1053  Dow Chemical Company
1054  City of Cleveland/ City of Brook Park
1055.1  NOVA Chemicals
1055.2  NOVA Chemicals
1062  GR Klein News Company Property
1066  Rite Aid Property
1068  Lowe's Northern Parcel
1070  3M Quarry Area Property
1080  HWH Property, LTD, Former Sundstrand