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II. Environmental Threats in Ohio

III. Health Impacts

IV. The Regulatory Agencies

V. Prioritization of Environmental Risks

VI. The Disconnect

VII. Ensuring Participation

VIII. Resolving Environmental Disputes

IX. Conclusion

X. Citizens' Guide to Environmental Protection

XI. About the Green Environmental Coalition

A Handbook for Professionals Serving Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Communities:
Health Professionals
Social Service Professionals

Produced by the Green
Environmental Coalition
in Association with The Ohio Environmental Education Fund


The Assess:Don't Guess curriculum explores the various facets inherent to effective environmental decision-making. When a complaint or question arises about an environmental issue, the curriculum provides answers and resources for professionals in regular contact with the under-resourced individuals and communities who bear a disproportionate exposure to environmental assaults.
  • It explores the complex nature of real and perceived environmental threats.
  • It examines the health effects of environmental assaults and the populations most at-risk for adverse effects.
  • It lists the public health and environmental regulatory agencies that are available for public assistance and environmental research.
  • It facilitates environmental decision-making within the constraints of limited available resources.
  • It demonstrates how communities characterized by limited education and political disillusionment are effectively barred from participation.
  • It provides the professional with ways to ensure participation in environmental decision-making for at-risk communities.
  • It provides the basics of Alternative Dispute Resolution for environmental disputes that resist resolution through other channels.
  • It challenges the professional working with socioeconomically disadvantaged populations to empower these groups by serving as an unofficial liaison between these individuals and the regulatory agencies.
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